Who am I? Many things.

I’m a hopeless romantic. My marriage is the thing in my life of which I’m the most proud. It doesn’t hurt that I married an incredible man.

I’ve had three chemical pregnancies and one ectopic, resulting in four miscarriages. If you’ve ever faced or are currently facing that terror, I promise you: you are not alone.

I began college as a declared music major. Six years later, I walked out of a different school with a two-year degree in Interior Design. It’s a long story.

My college job was at Borders. I met my husband at Borders. When you work as a book or music seller, you become part of a tribe. I still consider those people my family.

I worked for several years as a freelance travel writer, a position I gained through a travel blog I kept years ago. I adore seeing the world, but I always miss my own bed.

My current job is social media for an arts association in Seattle, the non-profit with which I sing Soprano I in three different vocal ensembles. I adore music; it is life to me.

I love that cooking is a combination of art and science. I didn’t learn to cook until my mid-30s, and I’m almost entirely self-taught. Julia Child is a huge inspiration to me.

I adore the holidays. Buddy the Elf has nothing on me.

I geek out over architecture. Most of our travel destinations are architecture or history-related. If I ever returned to college, I’d pursue a Masters degree in Architecture.

I have an affinity for European history, and I adore the British culture. When I worked as a travel writer, I specialized in the United Kingdom.

I prefer cooler weather, and beach holidays bore me to tears. I need museums, theatres, history, restaurants, shopping, culture, activities.

I love languages. I studied Spanish in high school, French and Italian in college. I always learn a bit of the language of wherever I travel. I wish I knew them all fluently.

I have finally come to a place in my life where I can admit – without shame – I will always have more books and magazines than I have the time to read.

I’m a tried and true city girl. I can appreciate the stunning beauty of nature, but I’d strongly prefer to remain clean, dry, and warm. With indoor plumbing.

I’m a bit of a klutz. I continue to try physical activities to expand my experiences, but they are not my forte. My husband has nicknamed me Bumble.

I am an MBTI nerd. INFJ here, who leans a bit toward the logical side.